Elston Family History


Charles and Leah Elston lived in Calhoun, Alabama with their son Ned Elston and his wife Angelinea. Ned and Angelina had six children, Gracy(1855), Ned Jr. (1859), Henry(1862), Tom(1864), Georgia(1867) and John(1868). Gracy had three daughters, Fanny, Mary & Rosetta. Henry who became a man of God, is where our heritage comes from. Byrant Stewart met and married Sally Andrews in Macon, Mississippi, there were many children from this union. Later, a daughter Eddie met and married Rev. Henry Elston a sharecropper. Their love for each other resulted in four lovely children, a daughter, Kitty, two sons John and Robert. Rev. Elston taught his children to love thier family, love people, but mostly love God. His children instilled these same values into their own children, grandchildren, and so on. The Elston Family is a family of faith and prayer. We are linked in love. These are the links which brought us together.

Link One --- Kitty Elston Murry---

Kittie Elston was born March 12, 1886 in Macon, Mississippi(Noxubee County). Kitty married Willam Sharp, and to this union five children were born: Clementra, Eddie, Susie, Clara and Sally. Later two children were born to Kitty, Rosie Lee and Robert Jameson. Some years later Kittie met and married Lucious Jr., John M, Cleola, RUth and Etta. Kitty Elston Murry passed away September 28, 1974.

Link Two--- John Elston---

John Morris Elston, was born May 8, 1884 in Macon, Missipppi. John met and married Alice Macon and to this union three children were born: Essie,Eddie Lee, and John Henry. Essie unfortuanly died at an early age. John Elston passed away May 2, 1944

Link Three --- Robert Elston---

Robert Elston was born on May 30, 1892 in Macon, Misssissippi. Robert met and married Mary and to this union five children were born:Eddie Mae, Susie, Verlon Otha Lee, Eddie Grady Some years later Robert met and married Lucinda and to this union four children were born Jimmie James, Richard, Lottie Mae and Corine. Robert passed away February 6, 1969.

Link Four--- Henry Elston---

Henry Elston was born February 1888 in Macon, Mississippi. Henry met and married Sallie Jane.

In------, the Elston family got together and constructed a family reunion. Since that time we have had reunions in over --- states. This is a great opportunity to get to know your family in keep in touch with whats going on with eachother.